Montana Health CU

Wealthcare Checking Benefits

MHCU’s Wealthcare checking account comes with expanded banking benefits and enhanced security features; as part of the checking account, you will enjoy the following benefits and services:

  • Fully managed identify theft recovery – Covers all types of identity theft and includes coverage for up to three generations of family members.
  • Identity theft expense reimbursement insurance – Covers certain expenses incurred in identity recovery.
  • Mobile Phone Coverage – Provides insurance coverage up to $500 minus a $50 deductible for your device’s repairs or replacement due to accidental damage, mechanical failure or theft.
  • An entitlement to powerful, proactive Identity Monitoring Services with Alerts
    • Credit monitoring – Provides alerts for credit inquiries, new credit lines, address change and more.
    • Dark web monitoring – Get alerts if your personal information is compromised on the Dark Web.
  • .50% reduction on loan rates – Wealthcare Checking account holders will receive a half point discount on standard published, credit-qualified (non-special) loan rates.
  • .50% increase on certificate rates – Wealthcare Checking account holders will receive a half point increase on standard published, credit-qualified (non-special) certificate rates.
  • Free annual box of checks
  • Fee waivers on in-branch services – Wealthcare Checking account holders will not be charged for coin counting, counter checks, teller checks or notary services.