Montana Health CU

May 2022 Newsletter

Letter from the President

The pictures embedded in this newsletter are renderings of what our new branch on 27thStreet will look like when it opens this summer. As I like to say to the staff here when they outperform, I’ll say now to our designers: BAM!

By the middle of summer, our downtown members will have access to the same convenience and technology that our west end members have been enjoying over the last year. The new branch will be equipped with three state of the art ITM machines – two in the lobby and one in the drive-thru. Our west end members can testify to how easy these machines are to use – our “training” of members usually takes about 30 seconds or less. Still want the people contact at your credit union? No worries. The 27th Street branch will of course be fully staffed, including a concierge desk to show you how to use the machines and provide whatever additional help you may need with your transactions. And, if that isn’t enough, all the machines feature a teller assist option that will bring up a video teller from our Shiloh branch. So, if you’re in the drive through, you can either perform the transaction yourself or have one of us help you via video.

For those of you who have seen our Shiloh branch, you know how beautiful the lobby is out here. The lobby at 27th Street was designed by the same folks and will be gorgeous. And, a first for us at our downtown location, we will have a new coin counter right in the lobby. No more cut-off times for depositing or waiting for the teller to make time to count your coins. And, of course, it will be free for our members.

We, of course, are hoping that a beautiful new building across the street from our state’s two major hospitals will attract new members. But here’s where the collective nature of our organization comes in. We don’t spend a ton on advertising (I would rather give those dollars back to the members in good rates and convenient service), so I’m asking all our current members to do the advertising for us. When someone mentions that pretty new building on the hill and wonders aloud what it is, please let them know that it’s where you bank, and you love it. The visibility of the credit union is going to dramatically increase this summer, but in banking folks don’t buy the building, they buy the people. So please, let them know about how great the folks inside that pretty building are. In collective banking more members equal more service, more convenience, more everything. We’ve been called Billings’ best kept secret – well, we won’t be hidden anymore.  And your credit union needs you to help spread the word!


Dennis R. Wizeman