Montana Health CU

June 2022 Newsletter

Letter from the President

I have been very cautious about saying exactly when our new office on 27th will be opening. It is a crazy time right now in construction – supply chain delays are nothing new to any of us at this point. But we are finally ready to make the big announcement: Our new location on 27thStreet will be opening on Monday, August 1st!

To prepare for this move, we will be permanently shutting down our location on 2nd Avenue on Friday, July 22ndThere will be a one-week period when neither downtown location will be open, between July 23rd and July 31st. This is to allow us time to ensure a smooth transition between the offices and test all of our systems to ensure great service. 

During this time our Shiloh office will continue to remain open, and of course we have all of our electronic options, including the chat feature on our website, to help downtown members during the transition.

A few words about our office on 2nd Avenue. We’ve been there a long time and have accumulated a lot of memories – as well as a lot of stuff! The stuff we have mostly given away to our members. The memories are easier to pack, and they will be coming with us. Many of our members joined as children at that office, including two of our board members, if I’m not mistaken. Lots of folks got the loan for their first car, and then later their first house sitting in that office. It has been through several remodels as we strove to keep up to date with banking technology and each time the building adapted to the needs of our members and staff. So, we are more than a little sentimental as we prepare to say goodbye to our old friend.

I am happy to announce that the building will stay in the credit union family.  Valley Credit Union has purchased the property and will be converting the location into their newest office. We wish them the best of luck with the location. We know that she has treated us and our members very well over the years!


Dennis R. Wizeman