Montana Health CU

January 2021 Newsletter

Letter from the President

It is an exciting time for your credit union.  With this letter, I only have space to list some of the things we are doing to truly up our game when it comes to member service.

The most substantial and obvious thing happening is the imminent opening of our Shiloh Branch.  Our target date for our “soft opening” is Wednesday, February 3rd.  At this point, everything seems on schedule, and we have high hopes we will be able to hit that deadline.  It’s a little thing, but the thing I will be excited for the most is when our signage goes up later in January – publicly announcing our presence on the West End. 

Another exciting announcement is our hiring of two new employees.  Serene will be our new Wealthcare Specialist at our downtown branch.  She will help our downtown members with loans, new accounts, certificates – guiding them on their financial journey, which is our new Wealthcare promise.  Amber will be moving out to Shiloh and will be assisted there by Rebecca, another new employee who will assist members the first time they use our intelligent teller machines, as well as helping them with new accounts, using our self-service tools – another talented guide for our members.  We have grown our family here – and we think we did really well in our choices!

Finally, we of course want to mention our Wealthcare Checking account, which we rolled out in November.  Many members have already enrolled in the identity theft protection that comes with the account.  It is gratifying to start hearing back from members who have already noticed the great benefits of the account.  If you haven’t yet enrolled in the protection, we strongly encourage you to do so.  If you need more explanation of the benefits you are already eligible for, please contact one of those amazing Wealthcare Specialists I talked about in the last paragraph!

Well, I’m running out of space.  And I haven’t even told you about the Wealthcare Auto Buying Experience, business services, automated direct deposit – just to name a few things we are working on.  Please stay tuned for further announcements – we are dedicated to building out the Wealthcare Experience and becoming the only guides you will need on your financial journey. 

Dennis R. Wizeman

Loan Rates

Are you in the market for a new auto or thinking about a Home Equity loan? In honor of the opening of our new Shiloh branch, we’ve dropped our interest rates on these loans! HELOC rates as low as 3.24% APR and new auto rates as low as 1.99%* APR! Call our Wealthcare Specialists today if you’re in the market for a loan.

*All rates are on approved credit. A Weathcare discount is reflected on applicable loans.


Wealthcare Checking Benefits

Did you know that your Wealthcare Checking account provides incredible monitoring services? With One Bureau Credit Monitoring, your identity is watched for new activity that might appear on your TransUnion credit report, including credit inquiries, new credit lines, derogatory credit, name changes and address changes.

In addition, Dark Web Monitoring is an intelligent and proactive identity theft detection solution that searches for compromised information across the deep and dark web. In the event that any of your registered information is detected in this environment as being used or transacted fraudulently, you will be alerted, and provided with corrective actions. This service also provides easy, secure online storage of your credential data for retrieval in the event of theft or a purse or wallet, or home disaster. 

Haven’t activated your Wealthcare Checking account yet for these benefits? Call a Wealthcare Specialist today at (406)259-2000 option 4!