Montana Health CU

December 2020 Newsletter

Letter from the President

Our Shiloh branch is getting closer!  The exterior of the building is pretty much completed, the fencing is down and what landscaping that can be done this time of year has been started.  The interior still has a little way to go, but the crews are working feverishly to get it complete.  Our target dates are between mid-January to early February for a “soft open”.

The branch will feature integrated teller machines – “smart” ATM’s that allow members to complete self-service transactions OR get teller assistance – whichever they prefer.  These machines will allow a member to do a lot more than the average ATM will, but we also understand that even the smartest machine is still no match to talking with Kathy, Brenda or Matt, so we are going to make them TV stars on the new machines, broadcasting from our downtown location.  The drive-up ATM will also feature this technology, making it an ATM that can also act as a drive-up.

While the technology and the beautiful building are exciting, I am much more pleased with a project going on behind the scenes.  Over the past few months, we have started an ongoing initiative called the “Wealthcare Experience”.  The driving theme behind this project is to truly position ourselves as guides on our members’ financial journeys.  As a financial collective, a credit union should do much more than just process transactions – we should solve problems, we should provide education, we should show our members the way to financial success.  Amber, Jackie and Kendra already do all of that now – but we want to find a way to “bottle” their great service – to systematize it and to export it to all of our members.  In the background, Dana and Tyler are helping build support systems that will make this engagement possible for all of the frontline people you are used to talking to.  And right now, we are looking for other great folks to help us out on this project – so if you know quality folks, please refer them to our job postings on our website, Facebook and Indeed. 

And of course, this letter wouldn’t be complete without wishing all of our members, staff, and board a joyous holiday season.  It would be a bit of an understatement to say this has been a difficult year for all of us – I think we all deserve a wonderful holiday season.  So I’m raising my metaphorical glass and wishing all of members a happy holiday – and saying thanks, again, for being the exceptional people that you are and working in an industry that is quite literally saving the country.  Here’s to you

Dennis R. Wizeman