Montana Health CU

April 2021 Newsletter

Letter from the President

For a small credit union, Montana Health is getting a bit of attention from the Billings Gazette this month.  On April 4th, we were quoted in the paper in a story regarding local financial institutions’ response to the pandemic.  In that article we highlighted our investments in technology, including our new ITM machines at our Shiloh branch.

And speaking of the Shiloh branch, yesterday’s paper had our special section about the branch in it.  I think the paper did a really nice job in highlighting not just the new facility, but also on touching on our philosophy and how important it is to have an institution that is dedicated to serving the healthcare community. And, of course, there was an invitation in there to come to our open house the evening of the 15th. If you have the chance, please do come down and visit us that evening – we’re working at the new branch, but it was built for you, the members. I think you will like the look and feel of the building and the new technology we have incorporated.

But the thing that is happening in the paper that I am most proud of hasn’t happened yet. In May, Montana Health will be the major sponsor for the Gazette’s special section for Nurse’s Week. Of course, we like to think that every week is Nurse’s Week at the credit union, but this year we thought it was more important than ever to thank our nurses – and really everyone who works in healthcare – for, well, 2020. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already, and I don’t have the writing chops to say it the right way anyway. So, I will just say, “Thank you”. I am immensely proud to work for a company that has a core mission to serve the people who work in healthcare. Maybe us finding a way to deliver great rates and service is a small thing compared to saving lives and getting the country running again. But it’s good to know that we are doing something for the incredible people reading this newsletter. Once more – “Thank you.”


Dennis R. Wizeman


You're Invited! Shiloh Grand Opening

Please note that we will be closing our Downtown branch at 4:30 pm on Thursday, 4/15 so all employees are able to attend the Shiloh Grand Opening and Annual Meeting.

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